As the legend is told, in the 1300s at Cambridge University in England, a chapel was constructed for one of the colleges. The vaulted roof was supported by huge beams fashioned from old-growth oak. Seven hundred years later, the beams had so deteriorated that the roof was in danger of collapsing. The building required extensive renovation, including replacing the beams. But where, in our time, could those repairing the building find giant oak trees of such an age and quality as had been available to the original builders?

The answer lay right outside the chapel door. The original builders of the chapel had known that at some point far in the future, the structure would need new oak beams, and so they had planted acorns in the churchyard. Over the centuries, a grove of oak trees had grown to full maturity.

The vision of those chapel builders—to ensure the survival of the chapel—extended hundreds of years into the future.

A vision forms when we think far enough ahead to realize there will be important challenges that we can prepare for now, perhaps by doing something as simple as planting a few acorns

what’s Crew 606’s vision?

Are you planting acorns?