Newsletter #1  12/03/2021

BSA Venturing Crew 606 Irvine     


December 3, 2021 [#1]                                                     

By President Yasmin &  VP Communication  Laura

Here is the summary of our activities:

Icehouse Canyon Trail - Overnight Backpacking Trip 

On 11/26, Crew 606 members had fun backpacking and camping at the Cedar Glen Campground at Icehouse Canyon Cucamonga Wilderness. From the campground, they hiked another 2.6 miles to peak Icehouse Saddle at 7600-ft. Great exercise to burn a few pounds gained during Thanksgiving, wasn’t it? Big, big thanks to Kyle for putting this together, Thomas for capturing the moments and Adult Leaders for providing transportation!

Huntington Beach Clean-Up & Bonfire  with Troop 606

On 11/19, members had fun bonding around a fire with potential members from Troop 606 families! Before enjoying the s’mores, we all participated in picking up trash around the beach for an hour and  a half.

It was also the Crew 606’s  first induction ceremony. Five youths were inducted by our president Yasmin that night under the stars. Thank you Enzo for putting these warming activities all together!

Santa Monica Biking Trip 

From 10/9-10/10, starting at Redondo Beach and biking 19 miles along Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Marina Del Rey, and Venice Beach, Crew 606 members enjoyed exploring the city and pier as well as spending the night at a cozy hostel in Santa Monica. The following morning, everyone was energetic enough to continue exploring Santa Monica a little more before taking the train to visit Little Tokyo and Chinatown and finally returning to the Tustin Station. Big thanks to Thomas for putting this together, recording the moments, and the Adult Leaders for providing us transportation and safety. 

Personal Safety Awareness Training 

On 9/24, Crew youth participated in the Personal Safety Awareness Training. Many thanks to our mentor & instructor Mr. Do!

Crew 606 Potluck 

On 08/29, Crew 606 had their very first activity at Sweet Shade Park in potluck style. We enjoyed the food and bonding time. Big thanks to our VP of Programs Tyler for putting this fun activity together, and always throwing out great activity ideas to the crew!

Crew 606 Election June 2021-2022

This was the beginning of Crew 606. It’s the start to many adventures and lasting memories!   \(^__^)/        


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Thank you Tyler and Yasmin for helping T606’s Trailer clean-ups and helping the crew get our very own patrol box and a few items on 11/21. Thanks Troop 606 Committees, T606 Quartermasters Mr. Oakes and Rykyn and SPLs Zane and Elizabeth for supporting the Crew box! 2021-09-19 Trailer Clean Up - Google Photos (T606)

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