BSA venturing Crew 606 irvine, CA

WhO are we?

Welcome to the BSA Venturing Crew 606 website! Newly founded in August of 2021, our Venturing Crew is operated by a group of youth (age 14+) who enjoy high adventure activities and are passionate in providing leadership and service to others.

The crew runs all year and meets at least twice a month for our meetings. Officers meet at twice a month to plan future events. The members go on weekend outings such as camping, biking, backpacking, and hiking. They also plan on running leadership training programs twice a year.

Crew 606 provides opportunities to shape its youth into commendable characters who have the mental and moral strength to venture, challenge, persevere, withstand difficulties, overcome fears, and work to serve their community.

If you are 13 or younger and are interested in scouting, visit Troop 606!


Officers meet at least once a month to plan events and activities, developing essential leadership and communication skills.


All outings are planned and led by a youth lead, with some guidance and training. They are meant to challenge members but also for bonding and fun!


"Specifically what do you want to accomplish?"

Each youth work on achieving their own personal goals: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.


"What impact is the project having?"

This is the question youth try to answer while in planning a service project to give back to the community meaningfully.